Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what ya think?

" This is my life. I'm gonna do whatever I want to be happy" .... sound familiar..?? sound like a voice in our head??... huhuhuhu i used to buy the idea and re quote the phrase. But now not anymore. In life there are lots of thing that we must consider before we act or do for the sake to be happy.

For example, is it okay to do whatever it takes and keep on a secret relationship with someone's husband becoz of our happiness. Can we really be happy from other's sorrow??... think about this before we simply said and quote those very selfish phrase. this might sound nasty when i said we women sometimes the most selfish creature when it came to our hapiness in a relationship.

I have a friend before who really in love with someone's husband and she dont give a damn to disobeyed the hukum. she would do anything in ths world for the guy including pretending not knowing the guy infront of the wive and sleepover the guy's house when the wife balik kampung with the kids. seriously man i really wanna puke when she proudly told me. yes the word is proud !! **weeek** she willling to do whatever it take to be happy. but deep inside .. are we women really satisfied and be happy knowing we are the creature who break other women heart. if it happen that the guy divorce his wive and then marrying you... you most probably will said that it all jodoh and kerja Allah. Ohhhh come on lahhh for God sake don't la involve God in this matters when u in reality disobey the hukum.. just a thought tho.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Detox - My Issues

First Day of Ramadhan goes smooth with some headache.. but alhamdullillah. Food intake still under control. My ifthar menu is the simples :

  • watermelon 100% juice - no sugar add

  • 1 BIG Medjool Dates

  • 3 Spoon of Bubur Lambuk

  • Asparagus + Chic without rice

  • 500 ml plain water ( it good enuff since i dun really drink plain water previously)

Its a challenges but it all about mind set. Huhuhu siksa juga specially the plain water part. I should take 3.5 litres daily. My body need it to flush out all the toxin yang dah bermastautin tetap almost all my life. And i read somewhere in order to loose weight we need to flush out the toxin first.. ala detox our body first, and the best part is.. drinking pure plain water is suppose to be the easiest way lahhh.. but knowing me yg nak minum 1 cawan air sehari pun almost impossible.. its my BIG challenges.. huhuhuhu.. today plan nak increase my water intake.. and still breakfast without RICE.. yesterday kantoi with bubur lambuk since it was a sedeqah and i felt gulity if tidak merasa barang sesudu dua.. *errr teringin actually*

Let see what will happen today. Wish me luck with my siakap masak steam + lots of veggies + cut fruit... yummmmmyy..

*Bazaar Banned*

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SelamaT Hari Jadi

5 days past my B Day. 28 years old is a big number to me... it is so near the 'awesome ' 30. Rather than to be depressed that I'm getting old n older... i switch my otak to be grateful that at 28 i hv most of the happiness in my life. Its not about the quantity but the quality is the most important. Some say that having million dollar account, hour glass figure and hundreds of BFF is cool and the ultimate happiness in life but i say it is soooo WRONG. I hv less than 10 good friend, not a perfect family, almost broke every end of the month and soo many fault in life.. but i relief that Allah hear my doa. I'm satisfied with what i have and still berusaha to be better in life. I got plenty of time for myself, few quality time spend with family and dear friends. i hv it all just at the right amount. BDay girl having a good mood nowadays u must wonder why??... hehehehehe

I got quite a pretty handbag as a gift to myself for turning the number 28. Yes.. you read it correct.. a gift from myself. * blow nails* its a full leather handbag in plum colour. I'm so in love that i wore it for 3 days in a row to work this week. Heh pity my old love (handbags).. they have to wait until i got bored with this new addition of my love.. muahhh muahh

Say hello to the new family member : My Plum Leather Colette Coach..

' Be grateful if God answers your prayers out of so many prayers out there. But be more grateful when God makes you the answer to others prayers '

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ladies Roadtrip..

Just came back from a roadtrip with my hapPENING girlfriends.. Kota Kinabalu is FUN FUN FUN i must say.. and it happen to be on my happy lahh kan... Eventhou ade tersilap percaturan n tersalah booking resthouse with no view of sunrise... huhuhuhu.. * nangessss* but its a bonus reason for us to come back for more! definitely i will InsyaAllah..

must come back for this view definitely...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Transformation

Its good to have fun but havin' too much fun is actually can destroy us. This is what i have been through for the past 6 years... it take me 6 years to learn. It is the most difficult 'degree' i got with so many test and ujian, the only thing is that during that time I dont realize it yet. We eventually will grow older and be more matured and from that process we learn n embrace our values.

The process of transformation is difficult, it is natural that we resist to change at first but as times goes by it came naturally. Life is less headache if we know how to deal with it. I must thank Allah that He have better plan for me. He let me make mistake that somehow i can learn. I'm not proud making those silly mistake and i'm truely regret it. Thinking bout the path i choose previously in life make me depress and desperately want to erase it from my life episode. If only there's a tools to destroy it forever. ohh please invent one... pleasssseee..


Having party is fun, having cool friends who loveeee and addict to party make it more funnnnnn. People tend to think only on the fun side but later on in life when we want to let say start fresh n change... those 'fun' memories of having sooo much ' fun' is not fun anymore. At least its not fun to me anymore. But rather than blaming others on the wrong decision i made, i choose to look at the bright side of it. It is a process of life where we learn n move on. I am a happier person now and i have my own way to describe how to have fun.. not like before. It all must start within ourselves and be ikhlas. InsyAllah..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Lost Friends...

I bump onto an old frens of mine last week at the usual lepak spot near my house. She's a dear friend from my uni years and we havent meet for almost 6 years. The thing is after graduation, i gradually stuck into the working life while she continue her Master in Biomedic somewhere in US.. I am excited to bump onto an old friend but what make me really shock to death is she has lose 2/3 of her weight.. Oh My... i'm absolutely salute her.. She use to be the fat girl from first till our final years. But now she look sooo amazing.. i'm totally amaze... *Bravoooo Min*

While me on the other hand have gain another half of my weight for over the past 6 years :(

duhhhh .. yeah i am FAT.. seriously.. It make me realy realy SAD, but at the same time i determine to lose it.. slow and steady.. just like Min does...

This is what happen for the past years.. and i really have to make a BIG turn from now on... Hello to the new life ahead..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i miss you...

i miss you my blog... lot of things changes in mylife... my career.. my passion.. my relationship... my friendship... to many to list... i'm not glad nor that i'm sad.. i hv to move on.... forwards n learn..

sometime at some point at some age.. we came to a conslusion.. we are not perfect.. we do make mistake... and depress... deal with it... be proud of ourselves... but never be too ego... keep both feet on the ground...

no matter what i hv became..and gone thru i'm glad that i realise at the end of the day... my life is my rule... i keep control on them... life is all about choices .. sometime we make a wrong choices.. at least i know i do..

hurmmm... psttt.... by whatever mean.. i want to cheer myself up.. no other human being can cheer me at this point.. so i get myself a new black patent Varina flat from Salvatore Ferragamo... not a comfirt shoe at first but after sometimes it will be the most comfirt leather flat ever.. i promise.... (gulp ..guilt...).. my saving account will hate me for ths..
my all time fav. flat shoes... i want all colors... Helpppp..