Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SelamaT Hari Jadi

5 days past my B Day. 28 years old is a big number to me... it is so near the 'awesome ' 30. Rather than to be depressed that I'm getting old n older... i switch my otak to be grateful that at 28 i hv most of the happiness in my life. Its not about the quantity but the quality is the most important. Some say that having million dollar account, hour glass figure and hundreds of BFF is cool and the ultimate happiness in life but i say it is soooo WRONG. I hv less than 10 good friend, not a perfect family, almost broke every end of the month and soo many fault in life.. but i relief that Allah hear my doa. I'm satisfied with what i have and still berusaha to be better in life. I got plenty of time for myself, few quality time spend with family and dear friends. i hv it all just at the right amount. BDay girl having a good mood nowadays u must wonder why??... hehehehehe

I got quite a pretty handbag as a gift to myself for turning the number 28. Yes.. you read it correct.. a gift from myself. * blow nails* its a full leather handbag in plum colour. I'm so in love that i wore it for 3 days in a row to work this week. Heh pity my old love (handbags).. they have to wait until i got bored with this new addition of my love.. muahhh muahh

Say hello to the new family member : My Plum Leather Colette Coach..

' Be grateful if God answers your prayers out of so many prayers out there. But be more grateful when God makes you the answer to others prayers '

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