Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what ya think?

" This is my life. I'm gonna do whatever I want to be happy" .... sound familiar..?? sound like a voice in our head??... huhuhuhu i used to buy the idea and re quote the phrase. But now not anymore. In life there are lots of thing that we must consider before we act or do for the sake to be happy.

For example, is it okay to do whatever it takes and keep on a secret relationship with someone's husband becoz of our happiness. Can we really be happy from other's sorrow??... think about this before we simply said and quote those very selfish phrase. this might sound nasty when i said we women sometimes the most selfish creature when it came to our hapiness in a relationship.

I have a friend before who really in love with someone's husband and she dont give a damn to disobeyed the hukum. she would do anything in ths world for the guy including pretending not knowing the guy infront of the wive and sleepover the guy's house when the wife balik kampung with the kids. seriously man i really wanna puke when she proudly told me. yes the word is proud !! **weeek** she willling to do whatever it take to be happy. but deep inside .. are we women really satisfied and be happy knowing we are the creature who break other women heart. if it happen that the guy divorce his wive and then marrying you... you most probably will said that it all jodoh and kerja Allah. Ohhhh come on lahhh for God sake don't la involve God in this matters when u in reality disobey the hukum.. just a thought tho.

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