Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Lost Friends...

I bump onto an old frens of mine last week at the usual lepak spot near my house. She's a dear friend from my uni years and we havent meet for almost 6 years. The thing is after graduation, i gradually stuck into the working life while she continue her Master in Biomedic somewhere in US.. I am excited to bump onto an old friend but what make me really shock to death is she has lose 2/3 of her weight.. Oh My... i'm absolutely salute her.. She use to be the fat girl from first till our final years. But now she look sooo amazing.. i'm totally amaze... *Bravoooo Min*

While me on the other hand have gain another half of my weight for over the past 6 years :(

duhhhh .. yeah i am FAT.. seriously.. It make me realy realy SAD, but at the same time i determine to lose it.. slow and steady.. just like Min does...

This is what happen for the past years.. and i really have to make a BIG turn from now on... Hello to the new life ahead..

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