Monday, August 1, 2011

Detox - My Issues

First Day of Ramadhan goes smooth with some headache.. but alhamdullillah. Food intake still under control. My ifthar menu is the simples :

  • watermelon 100% juice - no sugar add

  • 1 BIG Medjool Dates

  • 3 Spoon of Bubur Lambuk

  • Asparagus + Chic without rice

  • 500 ml plain water ( it good enuff since i dun really drink plain water previously)

Its a challenges but it all about mind set. Huhuhu siksa juga specially the plain water part. I should take 3.5 litres daily. My body need it to flush out all the toxin yang dah bermastautin tetap almost all my life. And i read somewhere in order to loose weight we need to flush out the toxin first.. ala detox our body first, and the best part is.. drinking pure plain water is suppose to be the easiest way lahhh.. but knowing me yg nak minum 1 cawan air sehari pun almost impossible.. its my BIG challenges.. huhuhuhu.. today plan nak increase my water intake.. and still breakfast without RICE.. yesterday kantoi with bubur lambuk since it was a sedeqah and i felt gulity if tidak merasa barang sesudu dua.. *errr teringin actually*

Let see what will happen today. Wish me luck with my siakap masak steam + lots of veggies + cut fruit... yummmmmyy..

*Bazaar Banned*

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