Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life Transformation

Its good to have fun but havin' too much fun is actually can destroy us. This is what i have been through for the past 6 years... it take me 6 years to learn. It is the most difficult 'degree' i got with so many test and ujian, the only thing is that during that time I dont realize it yet. We eventually will grow older and be more matured and from that process we learn n embrace our values.

The process of transformation is difficult, it is natural that we resist to change at first but as times goes by it came naturally. Life is less headache if we know how to deal with it. I must thank Allah that He have better plan for me. He let me make mistake that somehow i can learn. I'm not proud making those silly mistake and i'm truely regret it. Thinking bout the path i choose previously in life make me depress and desperately want to erase it from my life episode. If only there's a tools to destroy it forever. ohh please invent one... pleasssseee..


Having party is fun, having cool friends who loveeee and addict to party make it more funnnnnn. People tend to think only on the fun side but later on in life when we want to let say start fresh n change... those 'fun' memories of having sooo much ' fun' is not fun anymore. At least its not fun to me anymore. But rather than blaming others on the wrong decision i made, i choose to look at the bright side of it. It is a process of life where we learn n move on. I am a happier person now and i have my own way to describe how to have fun.. not like before. It all must start within ourselves and be ikhlas. InsyAllah..

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