Tuesday, September 4, 2007

bitchy shopaholic world

i hate it when people call me a shopaholic... coz i don't think i'm one of them.... if the term shopaholic mean someone who liked to shop then i might be one of it coz i love to shop and maybe a little too much :)
This cruel world define being a shopaholic may mean that people who spends beyond their limits, buys things that have no use for, and uses shopping as a way to feel better temporarily. I don't shop to make me feel better and i don;t shop thing that i don't use... sooo please please stop calling me a shopaholic... the term soooooooo not appropriate to me...
Mayb by looking at my CC statement... people will say.. this girl are nuts... how can she spend that way.... a thousand RM of handbags..??... well then again look back to my pattern of paying it... i have no problem to deal with it.. soooo womannnnnnnnnnnnnnn... what is your problem?????

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