Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010....ohh no

erm... my first entry for year 2010... too many things to update sampai tak tau ape nak tulis.. em not good in writing a blog and updating.. but i promise to update it more frequent from this moment.... at least once a week.. rasanya tulis blog ni get me rethink bout my daily routine, moments and feeling.

i'm still mingle around with no hope.. how pathetic it sound.. do things that i like and keep myself busy with activities, and surround myself with people i love... sometimes ape yang kita mahu tak semestinya kita dapat.. so we have to satisfy with the current situation and add more colours to live it up.. yeay!

my office work always give me a headache. full with office politic and scandal.. i just wish that i can fired those people with no brain and no add on values.. but it just a wish that will never come true* lol*.. whatever it is.. i just play the game that they put me in.. just do mybest and keep aware from those stupid people.. jgn kene backstab sudahh lahh..