Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eid Mubarak..

Its the 8th of Syawal.. i might say that this year raya is kinda empty... i don't really be'raya'... i just took an off day for almost 9 day straight without the hari raya spirit at all.. i wont say my life suck .. infact it is perfect.. i got a superb friends to be with.. great activity.. going out every single night.. having great talk n coffee.. but at somepoint i still feel that it lack of something to spice it up..
Humanbeing will never satisfy with what we have but i try my best to accept it for whatever reason it is... i got great social life... great circle of friends...good career path... economically stable.. great wardrobe collection.. bla bla bla.. i'm bless and know that Allah always there for me no matter how bad i might turn..
sometimes it cross my mind.. i should take life seriously... i need to move forward n be gratefull.. and i want to prove that i can be better.. at least for my own satisfaction.. not to please everyone else... may i'll get my strengh and spirit.. God Bless.. Eid Mubarak..