Thursday, June 5, 2008

not me not u.. then who?..

uhuk... it's been a while since my last post.. isk isk... i miss writing n express my feeling but seems no much words came out. when u have so many things to say, its mess up n better not to say anything. i always believe that ignorance + silence is the best medicine. hehhehe.. bukan laughter as i previously thought.
i never regret for every single things happen, be it a broken heart,a loss of l.o.v.e, an end of frienship, or buying a new extra ordinary expensive bag (lol.. bengong). things happen, even in a very low occurances.. but its already happen and it is time for damage control. no appologies need or matters anymore. JUST NOTHING. my definition of damage control is simple...> just let it go and vanish forever. so no need to ungkit ungkit the history or even missing the good old days.. after the pekung di dada terbuka luas, there is no more the good old days... everything became kelam berasap. org ckp.. jgn di imbau kenangan lama nanti merosakkan hati n otak sendiri. to whom it may concern.. face the fact and face ur real world out there.. this wold is big and i believe there are someone who u can be nice infront and betray later but still she forgive u n missing the good old day. unfortunately that person is sooooo NOT ME.. tada...