Thursday, December 6, 2007


unable to update my blog due to the reschedule of my own activities.... i almost forgot that i have a blog... hehehhehehe blame it to my exitement for year end holiday... where...??? jeng ..jeng..jeng... Phuket..... (at last i do jejak my kaki!!)

i always love an island escape.... sun bathing is not my favorite... but i do love laying on the sand wearing nothing.. but not that i'm naked... it just.. i set my mind free and let go everything.. and its NAKED...
Phuket escape is soooo wonderful... my 5 day trip is not enough n can't really fullfill my need to escape... how i wish that i own the world.. no worries of how much money spend by just sleeping under the coconut tree or beside the mat salleh gile bogel.. LOL..
So many crazy thing to be done in phuket... from island hoping.. cruising.. snorkeling..jetskiying..err.. whatever water sport u might think of... to the wonderfull night life.. lady boy show or the local call them "tuk"... they are magnificent beautiful.. but i bet they can't hit *my real no silicone* boobs... chewahhhhhh... it okay if its small but its original... try squeeze it then u know.... (at least i know myself :)..
i love to share my experience n the 500 pic taken.. but with the whole wide world technology.. i just think that its insecure to share it on the net.. as it might slip to the phycho maniac people who love to steal people personal pic n send it as a chain email n label the pic sesuka hati mak nenek...

so.. this is the pic i think that safe to be shared with the whole wide world...


barely naked... cruising.. its damn hot.. and hotter by mat salleh tua botak n boncit berkepit sama thai women... LOL

point view.. Phuket Island..