Friday, December 28, 2007

new year is coming and......

The new year is coming and my sis n i are planning to have a bbq party to celebrate it. The guest will be a very close friends of us "the sugar babes" consist of mama gymnast n kakak baby and my sis fiancée bro bob. I was appointed as the chief of the menu n cooking since there's no hope for my sis to do the cooking. Abg bob will be our survivor in making the bara api.. while the rest will do the grocery thing.

I might say that i'm not good in cooking but since mom left for hajj... i have to give it a try... They want me to buy the instant gravy powder.. but i reject the idea coz i just can't bear the taste of an instant gravy.. too much of MSG will make my head turn anti clock rotation.. hehehhehe.. (byk bunyi plakkk.... kuikuikuikui). so i'm browsing the net.. looking for a good n simple recipe on how to make a gravy. there were a lot of recipe that is too complicated for me. At last i manage to get the not so bad recipe from my boss... she is a superwoman when it come to cooking good food. Problem solve. I'm planning to have 2 gravy for the bbq.. the mushroom and black pepper. Now i'm crossing my finger hoping that the recipe will work just fine. yeay... its new year... and i want to start fresh about life... new friend... positive friend.. and fabulous life.

Enough talking bout the bbq party plan.. my perut start to sing now n its better for me to go for dinner.. thinking for eating out tonight coz I get my bonus yesterday.. I;m going to kunang-kunang to try some of their temasek kitchen menu.Will give some review bout it later. Adios.