Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Cruel Poetries of Life

I don’t really know how to deal with a super sensitive person.. i’m out-spoken and sometime.. my word can be misjudge by them... the more i explain and trying to fix it.. the worse it can be.. its really hard to deal with.. so i let it be gone... ignore and if the person think that her emotion and hormone level getting back to track.. i have nothing against it at all.. don’t get me wrong.. cause i’m not hating u for being super sensitive human being... Its not wrong to be sensitive.. cause i know it come naturally and people are not pretending by being sensitive towards some issues and phase of live.. it all happen because we have heart and we care about our feeling and others too..

I’m not an angle... so there r kind of person that i hate the most... which i can’t deal with.. sometimes i can’t bear to be near this person.. i HATE it but i will not explode...

I don’t consider her as my friend yet.. her behavior is not up to the standard that one can be call as a friend... unfortunately.. i know her.. and i only can refer her as my acquaintance... someone that i knew at one point of my life..
I don’t think she know how bad is her behavior.. cause she’s surrounded by people who spoilt her and willing to take her for granted.. but i can’t be like them... and swallow all her menace behavior.

She’s behaving like a sweet angle in front of everyone... she is not that kind of people that she seems to be..
I have a little argument with someone and that matter is not related to her.. but she behave like a stupid girl and got carried away by other people problem..
She never confront me about anything.. but the way she deal with me make me realize that she’s an immature and behaving like a stupid 5 year old girl fighting over a barbie doll.. i don’t deserve to be boycott by her... i don’t give a damn to it... but i do care about my own reputation among others that i do consider as friend... and that makes me really piss off..